Vendor FAQ

We are following the same outline for our 2023 event as we did for our first year. In lieu of a vending fee, all vendors are being asked to donate one item to a silent auction for each 10x10 tent that they will use. For example, if you use three 10x10 tents or a 10x30 tent you would need to donate three items to the auction.

Yes. Like last year you will be required to pay for admissions into the event for each person that will be in attendance. This fee is to cover the cost of food, shirt, lodging, and other items provided to all attendees.

We have a total of 18 vending spots open. Of those 4 will be open for readers.

You are not required to stay on-site as a vendor, and you are welcome to stay at the lodge or tent camp off-site. With that being said although we will have security we cannot guarantee the safety of your items. We highly recommend you have one person sleep at your booth if you will not be on site.

If you chose to stay in vendor's row cabins you will be allowed one vending assistant to sleep in your cabin. If you have more than one assistant they must register as a regular attendee and must sleep in general population. If you desire to sleep in the same cabin together you will need to confirm your spot, and then register your group using the regular registration form and you will be placed into general population. Please remember that all assistants must be paid for as well as all additional attendees.

Though we do not require it, we do highly recommend that you have insurance for your vending booth.

Yes, please be advised though that we have found it is spotty. The best providers have been found to be AT&T, Verzion, and Straight Talk in getting service at the venue. We have also found out that at the Main Hall there is WIFI signal. This will allow more access to the ability to take cards.

In order to offer a discount code for your customers we have set these new guidelines:

  • You must be an approved vendor at CauldronFest
  • Or you must be a sponsor of the event
  • Or you must purchase an ad in the event program
  • This offer is only for businesses and not individuals.

During the first year of CauldronFest, we gave 90 days to register/confirm your spot, but we have found that it was hard to ensure everyone followed through. As such we have reduced the number of days to confirm to 30 days.

  • In order to become a vendor, you must apply via our website.
  • Vendors emailing or messaging our FB page will be directed to our website to apply.  No vendors will be approved without an application.
  • All vendors must submit images of their products and booth layouts to be reviewed by our selection committee.
  • We will not be accepting vendors considered “Direct Sales”. For example Partylite or Avon.
  • Vendors will be selected via a Committee, and will be announced no later than March 1st, 2022!
  • Vendors will not be charged a vending fee, in lieu of this we are asking vendors to donate one to three items for a silent auction. This item must be dropped off at registration when you arrive on site.
  • Vendors may start arriving on Wednesday starting at 10am.
  • Vendors are expected to be on-site no later than 5 pm on Friday.
  • As part of our vendor agreement vendors are asked not to leave the event site no earlier than 9 pm on Saturday evening. This is unless a previous agreement has been made with the Vendor Manager or Site Manager.
  • Vendors may provide ritual tools such as swords and athames, but those must remain sheathed.
  • Vendors must provide their own tents or coverings for their vending location. You must also provide your own tables, displays, chairs, electrical cords, and power strips. Please be advised while you will have an electrical supply near your vending location the supply is limited, and you may trip the breaker.
  • Vendors will be placed in an area deemed vendors row. Your tent must be set up near your cabin, or you may set up in the ball field located in the center of the venue.
  • Vending tents must be no larger than 10×30 feet.
  • All vendors will be required to pay for admission to the event… This is not a vending fee.

  • In order to become a reader at the event you must apply to become a reader via our website.
  • You must provide at least one free reading to a member of our staff as an interview.
  • You will be required to confirm your attendance at the event within 30 days of approval.
  • You must provide at least one reading to the silent auction to be held at the event.
  • You will be required to have signage in your site that reads: For entertainment purposes only!
  • You must provide your own 10x10 tent to set up as well as tables and chairs.

Last year we had provided meal tickets for vendors as part of their registration. This year that practice has been discontinued in that now you are required to purchase your meal ticket.. These tickets will only be used for lunch as all other meals are provided in ticket purchase.