Event Rules

CauldronFest exists for your enjoyment and comfort. By signing a waiver, you agreed to abide by all state, federal, and civil laws, gathering rules, and campground rules. We recognize and honor the divine nature and essential human dignity of all persons, regardless of race, ethnic origin, age, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, disability, economic circumstance, physical appearance, body size, marital status, or military status. We are committed to providing an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. We urge you to respect and honor each person you meet. We take diversity and inclusiveness seriously and won’t tolerate harassment of any kind.

Friends of CauldronFest Staff will act if laws or rules are broken or your behavior disturbs a significant percentage of attendees. Such behavior can result in ejection, probation for a certain time frame, long-term suspension, or being banned permanently. Friends of CaulronfFest reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason.

*If you have a problem with another guest or if you see inappropriate behavior we ask that you do not try and address it yourself but please find a member of staff so that we can handle the situation as needed.*

  1. Clothing must be worn at all times. We are on state land, and we don’t want to get in trouble.
  2. Drugs will not be allowed at any time. We do have members of staff and even attendees that are hypersensitive to them.
  3. No firearms
  4. At all times please keep swords, knives, and sharp objects sheathed.
  5. Alcohol is allowed only if in a cup, and no alcohol should be given to minors. If an adult or anyone is found to be supplying alcohol to a minor they will be removed from the event. NO REFUND! Minors will be identified by a PURPLE ARMBAND.
  6. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If you are found to be sexually harassing anyone you will be removed with NO REFUND!
  7. Harassment is any behavior that annoys, alarms, or threatens another person or group. It’s simple “NO MEANS NO” under all circumstances. If a harassment matter is brought to staff, the offender may be asked to leave at any time. If physical assault is involved, the authorities will be called.
  8. ID lanyards will be issued to every attendee. They must be worn at all times and visible. If you lose your lanyard or are found not to have one on you, there may be a charge of up to $25 for a replacement lanyard. Should we be unable to confirm your registration for the event you will be charged the full admissions price listed at the gate!
  9. Use only the approved fire pit(s). You will be charged $200 if you don’t.
  10. The kitchen is only for staff members and volunteer use. Do not use the kitchen without asking first.
  11. The Friends of CauldronFest welcomes your service animal and emotional support animals at the event. With this being said the owner is responsible for picking up all waste created by said animal.
  12. You will be given two trash bags at registration. These are to be used for any trash at your cabin. USE THEM!
  13. Before you leave you will need to sweep and clean your cabin. Before you check out you should ask for a cabin check by one of the staff members. You should bring your trash bag to the dining hall at the end of the event or once full. If you need more than one bag please ask a member of the staff.
  14. Do not move mattresses from one cabin to another, there is a fine from the park for that.
  15. Have an issue with someone at the event? LEAVE IT OFF THE EVENT SITE. We are here to have fun. Cause an issue and you will be removed from the site with NO REFUND!
  16. After 12 am no drumming circles unless otherwise approved.
  17. Do not write on the cabin walls… We know this sounds a bit strange, but once you see the cabins at the site you will understand. We are all adults and not kids. Let’s not encourage them.
  18. Cabin spaces are assigned for a reason. Do not trade cabins with someone else without seeking the approval of a member of the staff and ensuring the switch is made on your registration form.
  19. Do not, we repeat, do not enter another person’s/group’s cabin without permission. With this being said ​event staff​ may enter cabins due to safety concerns or for cabin checks.
  20. If you have a child with you that child is your responsibility. We intend on having activities for minors, but when they are not in those activities you must keep up with them. Allowing your child to roam around the site is non-negotiable it is a no-go. Any, who are found wandering will be jacked up on caffeine, and sugar and given a puppy before they are returned to you.
  21. Clean up after yourself, we aren’t your mommas…
  22. No smoking within 50 of any building, and no smoking is allowed inside any building. This year we will be sectioning off a smoker’s area above the kitchen area in the grass for those that desire to smoke near the kitchen. Any attendee that wants to smoke near the kitchen must do so in this area. If you are found to be smoking inside a building you will be removed from the event without refund and banned for a minimum of two years.
  23. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. There will be butt containers around the event site this year. Use them! If you are found to be throwing butts on the ground you will be fined $75 by us.
  24. Video, audio recording, and photography are allowed, but if individuals do not wish to be photographed or filmed, it is expressly forbidden. If you are not the parent or legal guardian of a minor, do not photograph minors. If you have permission to photograph a minor from a parent or legal guardian, do not post any such photographs online unless you have permission. Do not post any photographs online unless you have permission.
  25. Have fun, and enjoy yourself!
  26. Other rules may be added!